11 January 2022

5 Ways Digitalisation Is Revolutionising Customs

Customs management has always been a challenge. Since Babylonian times, governments have required information to tax goods coming into their territory, to protect their domestic markets and - often enough - simply to keep out foreign competition.
11 January 2022

The Insider’s Guide to Trade in Food, Animal and Plant Products

For nearly a year now, if you wanted to export Products of Animal Origin (POAO) to the EU, you have had to comply with the EU’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) regime for imports from ‘third countries’.
11 January 2022

How I learned to love commodity codes

I fell into the world of international trade due to Covid. So I approached it as a newcomer. I’ve had to learn. Fast.
16 November 2021

clearBorder Acronym Glossary

A person who has been authorised to carry out transit operations without presenting the goods...
11 November 2021

5 common mistakes to avoid when importing goods into the UK

Importing goods into the UK from the EU, the US, China, or other areas of the world can be complicated.