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Online Training

Online, on-demand, modular training to trade seamlessly across international borders

Border Ready Importing and Exporting

Deepen your expertise of import and export processes, freight forwarding, rules of origin, and customs in this dynamic, modular and interactive training course.

Covering all you need to know - our course prevents complications in customs.

Border Ready Food & Animal Products

Understand the checks required in the approval journey when moving food and animal products across the border in this dynamic, modular and interactive training course.
clearBorder’s training is a great way to ensure that teams have mastered the complexities of importing and exporting in a rapidly changing field. The courses are short and digestible, with plenty of practical information to get businesses trading confidently.
Stephen Adams, Senior Director
We found Clear Borders training to be well structured, relevant, up-to-date and informative. The real life imperfect examples they provided us with throughout the training, placed our team in the shoes of the retailers and required them to consider the impact of the decisions they have to make. The knowledge gained from this training will be invaluable when we’re assisting our customers.
These are really impressive online courses. I have not found anything as clear and well laid out as these courses.
Frank Dunsmuir, Industry Lead for Customs & Trade at Fujitsu
Fantastic in-depth training that has differentiated my team on projects and we’ve made mandatory for everyone going forwards
Harry Tayler, Borders Lead, Palantir UK
Certification of Expertise
Certification of Expertise

Gain clearBorder Certification

Upon completion of any clearBorder course, you'll gain a clearBorder certificate of completion. This certifies your knowledge and entitles you to discounted access to clearBorder support.
Frequently Asked


We’ve designed the modules to complement each other. While you can take just two or three modules, we’d encourage you to complete the full course. Unfortunately, modules are unavailable for individual purchase.
Each course module is designed to be studied at your own pace. That said, on average, we’d expect each module to take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.
You have an unlimited amount of time to complete the course after purchasing. In fact, the course is repeatable, meaning you can repeat the modules anytime to refresh your memory.
In the Customs course, there are 5 modules which take approximately 20 minutes each to complete - totalling 1 hour and 20 minutes. In the Food, Plant & Animal course, there are 2 modules which will take approximately 20 minutes each to complete - totalling 40 minutes.
Our course is designed for both individuals and for teams across all departments. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your own skills or train your teams, this is for you.
You’ll have free access to our blog and resources page which will help you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned. If you have any further questions that might benefit from some one-to-one expert support, consider our consulting services.
You will not need to download anything in order to take the interactive course. The course is developed in a browser-based architecture called Rise and can be completed on most modern laptops, desktops, browsers and mobile devices.
Each individual license can only be redeemed by one person. This means you won’t be able to share the license with your team.
Each module comes with supporting documents which are available on completion of the module.
You can contact customer support at
As a manager, you’ll have oversight over your team’s progression within the course. For enterprise clients, clearBorder can supply detailed learner reports to managers.
Modules are regularly updated to keep in line with changing technology and government policy. New modules are being added all the time. Your purchase guarantees you receive the most up-to-date modules.
Upon completion of any clearBorder course, you'll gain a clearBorder certificate of completion. This certifies your knowledge and entitles you to discounted access to clearBorder support.
We process payments through Stripe. That means credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and dozens of payment methods from around the world are available. For large orders, or if you prefer a purchase order / invoice arrangement, please contact
The modules were designed by experts with decades of experience in customs, food, plant and animal product regulation and government.
We take your data seriously and comply with GDPR policies. Your data is safe.

Unparalleled expertise in trade, government and data

Our comprehensive online training offer equips you and your teams with the knowledge they need to trade internationally – removing worry, avoiding errors and saving costs.

With interactive modules covering import and export processes, freight forwarding, rules of origin, customs, and food, plant and animals, our training brings you up to speed with all the changes that have happened since the UK’s exit from the EU.

Going further, clearBorder can act as your sounding board and partner for international trade. Our consultancy team supercharges your knowledge with tailored advice.


We bring experience from industry, government and technology sectors.

  • Practical
  • Specialist
  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Optimistic
Christopher Salmon
CEO & Founder
Christopher Salmon
Christopher founded and runs clearBorder to improve the experience of trading businesses of all sizes. He oversaw the UK’s border preparations for leaving the EU as Senior Adviser to Michael Gove and later David Frost. He has extensive experience of using technology to improve services in business and government.
Tony Ball
Operations Director
Tony Ball

Tony brings 40+ years’ experience in international logistics, forwarding and customs management.

His experience covers air, rail, sea and road across the globe, from parcels to heavy lift, including intra-European trucking services, permits and cabotage from before and after the creation of the Single Market.
John Bourne
Advisory Board
John Bourne

John provides expert advice on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) issues.

He spent twenty years working for Defra where he was responsible for leading the preparation of the UK’s new border processes for food, animal and plant products. He is a qualified Official Veterinarian and brings extensive project delivery and veterinary expertise.
Customer Accounts

Rizwan brings extensive experience in customs and trade from his work with the Trader Support Service for Northern Ireland. He has worked for DHL Global Forwarding and Alpi. Prior to that he worked in financial services and contributed to the response to Covid.

Riz assists customers with training courses and detailed import and export queries. He is expert in HMRC standards, managing critical business requirements and problem solving.

Interested in consultancy services with our team?

Whether you’re preparing for a large import or export which you cannot afford to get wrong, want expert advice to ensure you’re following the correct protocol, or are adjusting your business to maximise the opportunities of international trade, we’re here to help.

Online Resources

Resource to help deliver clarity on border changes and opportunities

11 November 2021

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