Simplifying Trade Between Ireland and Great Britain

In 2022, Ireland was the UK’s 4th largest export market. If your business is already facing – or set to face – the complexities of trading goods between Ireland and Great Britain, then look no further.

clearBorder specialises in simplifying cross-border trade between these two regions, and our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the intricate customs procedures with expert advice and support at every step. With our comprehensive understanding of the unique regulatory requirements and evolving trade agreements, we ensure that you remain compliant while maximising your business opportunities.

Efficient Cross-Border Solutions for Businesses

We recognise that efficiency is crucial for your business growth, which is why our tailored cross-border solutions are designed to streamline your trade operations, eliminating unnecessary delays and reducing risks.

Our extensive network of industry experts and customs professionals allows us to provide you with easy access to the knowledge and resources you need to optimise your supply chain – be it in the form of training or consultancy.

From customs clearance and documentation to logistics and tax, we have the expertise to enhance your efficiency and help you seize new market opportunities.

Partner with clearBorder and embark on a successful journey of expanding your business across Ireland and the UK.

Ireland Exports to UK: Unlocking Market Potential

The UK is Ireland’s 4th largest export market. Expanding your business through exports to the UK unlocks growth and potential in Ireland’s nearest trading partner. As Brexit and new trade rules settle down, our import and export knowledge enables us to ensure smooth cross-border transactions for your goods and services.

Ireland and the UK have deeply entwined trading relationships. With the right expertise, you can maximise the opportunities. We closely monitor the ever-evolving trade agreements, government protocols, and customs regulations, so we can guide you through the process step by step

Streamlined Export Processes and Compliance

Maximise efficiency, minimise disruptions – our aim is to simplify your export operations by providing tailored solutions that align with the specific requirements of your industry. Whether you’re exporting products or providing services, our expert consultants will work closely with you to ensure your business remains fully compliant with the latest trade agreements and customs protocols.

We assist you in navigating the complexities of export documentation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every step. From understanding the impact of the Windsor Framework to managing data and complying with tax regulations, our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of your export journey.


List of Benefits: Ireland-UK Trade

  • Smooth Cross-Border Transactions
    Smooth Cross-Border Transactions

    clearBorder ensures seamless trade between Ireland and the UK, minimising disruptions and delays.

  • Compliance with Export Regulations
    Compliance with Export Regulations

    We provide expert guidance on import and export regulations, ensuring your business meets all legal requirements.

  • Tariff Management
    Tariff Management

    Our team helps you navigate complex tariff structures, optimising cost-efficiency and maximising profit margins.

  • Customs Expertise
    Customs Expertise

    clearBorder offers comprehensive customs support, simplifying clearance procedures and reducing administrative burdens.

  • Market Expansion Opportunities
    Market Expansion Opportunities

    Unlock the potential of the UK market with our tailored solutions, enabling growth and increased revenue.

  • Windsor Framework Knowledge
    Windsor Framework Knowledge

    We stay up-to-date with the Windsor Framework, ensuring your trade operations align with the latest developments.

  • Enhanced Cross-Border Connectivity
    Enhanced Cross-Border Connectivity

    clearBorder connects businesses in Ireland and the UK, fostering strong relationships and facilitating long-term partnerships.

  • Streamlined Trade Processes
    Streamlined Trade Processes

    Our efficient solutions streamline trade processes, saving time and resources, while enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Hear from our clients
clearBorder advice is clear, informative, and available when we need it. It has proved invaluable in helping our team and partners navigate customs and shipping requirements in China, the EU and UK.
Jamieson Wellness Inc., Canada
We found Clear Borders training to be well structured, relevant, up-to-date and informative. The real life imperfect examples they provided us with throughout the training, placed our team in the shoes of the retailers and required them to consider the impact of the decisions they have to make. The knowledge gained from this training will be invaluable when we’re assisting our customers.
clearBorder’s training is a great way to ensure that teams have mastered the complexities of importing and exporting in a rapidly changing field. The courses are short and digestible, with plenty of practical information to get businesses trading confidently.
Stephen Adams, Senior Director
“We’re proud to be working with Capita on their market development strategy for border management services and technologies"
Fantastic in-depth training that has differentiated my team on projects and we’ve made mandatory for everyone going forwards
Harry Tayler, Borders Lead, Palantir UK
"Clear Border has offered us in depth analysis and guidance on how we can improve our customs procedures, resulting in greater efficiency, not only in the day to day processes but in creating a robust Customs Policy. Friendly and helpful…every question answered."

Ireland-UK Import and Export Compliance

Navigating regulations is essential for businesses looking to expand their presence in international markets, especially in the wake of Brexit and changing trade dynamics. At clearBorder, we specialise in helping businesses understand and navigate export regulations seamlessly, ensuring compliance and minimising disruptions.

Expert Guidance on Export Documentation and Legal Requirements

Export documentation is essential, but can be overwhelming. Our experts at clearBorder offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring accurate and compliant paperwork. Below are some examples of documentation required for UK-Ireland trade.

Commercial invoice
Customs declaration
Regulatory requirements
Export licence
Certificate of origin
EORI number
Pre-boarding notification (PBN)
Product-specific certifications
Note that the specific documentation and requirements may vary depending on the nature of the goods being exported and the applicable trade agreements.

Comprehensive Support for Trade Growth and Market Expansion

From assisting with export documentation to offering guidance on market entry strategies and trade compliance, we are your trusted ally when it comes to UK-Ireland trade.

We understand that every business is unique, and our flexible solutions are designed to address your specific needs. Choose training or hands-on consultancy to empower your team to seize new market opportunities, increase efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

clearBorder Expertise on Ireland-UK Cross-Border Trade

Navigating the intricacies of cross-border trade between Ireland and the UK requires specialised knowledge and expertise. At clearBorder, we bring our understanding of the Ireland-UK trade landscape to empower businesses to trade with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions Ireland-UK Trade

Our expert consultants provide guidance on export documentation, legal requirements, customs procedures and more, ensuring that businesses have a clear understanding of everything that is required for seamless Ireland-UK trade. This helps to streamline the compliance process, minimising the risk of errors and delays, and ensuring businesses can confidently meet export regulations.
We offer strategic advice to businesses planning their international supply chains. We provide expertise in tariff classification, determining applicable duty rates and understanding preferential trade agreements. Our consultants can support your business in identifying opportunities to minimise tariff costs, explore duty reduction programs, and optimise supply chain strategies.
clearBorder remains updated with the Windsor Framework agreement and other relevant trade agreements through our close work with government and in the sector. We monitor announcements, trade publications, and official sources. Our team of experts actively tracks and analyses changes to ensure that the guidance and support we provide is up to date with the Windsor Framework agreement and other applicable trade agreements. Click here to read our blog about the Windsor Framework
clearBorder offers a range of services designed to streamline various trade processes for businesses. Some examples include:
  • Customs clearance procedures
  • SPS controls for food, plants and animal products
  • Export documentation management
  • Compliance with import/export regulations
  • Logistics optimisation
  • Trade compliance audits
We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that trade processes are efficient, compliant, and conducive to growth.

Expert Training Modules

We’re recognised as experts in helping exporters trade across borders. We’re proud of our clear, focused training modules, and the results teams like yours achieve with our courses.

clearBorder Bespoke Consultancy

Our specialists deliver efficiency, clarity and profitability for your international trade. We offer tailored consultancy services to bolster compliance and improve your operations.

Meet the clearBorder Team

Christopher Salmon
Chief Executive
Christopher Salmon
Christopher Salmon founded clearBorder to help businesses optimise trade. He has wide experience across trade and borders, working with businesses of all sizes and sectors as well as being closely involved in government border modernisation programmes. Christopher oversaw the border during the UK’s exit from the EU as Senior Adviser to Michael Gove MP. He has experience across all aspects of border processes, from IT systems to business requirements and port infrastructure. Christopher was raised on a farm in mid-Wales and has over 20 years’ experience across government, business and in politics at local and national level.
Khyati Amin
Senior Consultant
Khyati Amin
Khyati Amin leads clearBorder’s strategic consulting work. She brings extensive experience as a strategy consultant with KPMG and deep knowledge of borders, supply chains and UK Government programmes from her work with clearBorder. She has worked on projects across sectors and led teams covering growth strategy, due diligence. Khyati brings extensive experience of market analysis and business development from work with her faKhyati brings extensive experience of market analysis and business development from work with her family business, one of the largest industrial piping suppliers in India. Khyati speaks native Hindi.
Mary Calam
Mary Calam
Mary is clearBorder’s chairwoman, responsible for providing a sounding board for the CEO and internal team and assuring corporate governance. Mary has extensive expertise in risk, governance and strategy, having worked at senior levels across the public and private sectors. Her government career spanned law enforcement, counter terrorism and national security, latterly as Director General for Crime, Policing and Fire in the Home Office. On leaving government, Mary joined McKinsey & Company, serving government and private sector clients around the world. She now holds a number of non executive director and trustee roles in public and private sector organisations and works as an independent consultant.
Rizwan Khan
Customer Accounts
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan manages clearBorder’s training services and provides on-hand advice to businesses moving goods. Rizwan supports clients with customs requirements, paperwork, SPS processes, audit preparations and recordkeeping. He assists customers with training courses and detailed import and export queries. Rizwan brings extensive experience at the front end of customs and border processes from his work DHL Global Forwarding, Alpi and his time at clearBorder. Riz is an avid Liverpool supporter.
Sarah Rice
Senior Consultant
Sarah Rice
Sarah Rice leads clearBorder’s operational consultancy work. Sarah has 20 years of experience in customs and borders, including 15 covering export controls and advanced manufacturing. She has worked with advanced manufacturing, defence goods, dual-use items, research institutes and experimental technologies. Her expertise covers UK and US export control regimes (ITAR/EAR). Sarah has a degree in law and professional qualifications covering UK, US, and EU border controls.
Ugne Dapkeviciene
Business Support
Ugne Dapkeviciene
Ugne brings extensive business operations and office management experience. She is expert at navigating complex business processes and ensuring the smooth operation of business processes with UK and international clients. Ugne is a native Lithuanian speaker.

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