Equip your teams for UK plant exports and importing plant products

Phytosanitary (SPS) controls now apply to plants, plant products, used agricultural and forestry machinery travelling between the UK and the EU.

clearBorder’s Border Ready Plant and Plant Products course allows you to equip your teams with the most up-to-date border control knowledge, helping you to cut costs, reduce delays and keep your brand reputation intact.


Understand Plant Exports to EU with clearBorder

Our 2-part course helps you understand the checks required when moving plants and plant products across the border. Discover the key benefits of this dynamic, modular and interactive training course.

Enhance Knowledge

  • Understand how to import and export plants
  • Prepare your teams to trade efficiently with EU
  • Improve the efficiency of your trade and confidence of your staff

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce waste and delay due to incorrect paperwork or border complications
  • Reduce the risk of avoidable errors, inspections and supply chain damage
  • Remove the worry of avoidable errors and contractual disputes

Save Money

  • Cut the costs of customer support and benefit from lower trade process costs
  • Improve your knowledge and bargaining power
  • Give customers more confidence in your import/export delivery
These are really impressive online courses. I have not found anything as clear and well laid out as these courses.
Frank Dunsmuir, Industry Lead for Customs & Trade at Fujitsu
We found Clear Borders training to be well structured, relevant, up-to-date and informative. The real life imperfect examples they provided us with throughout the training, placed our team in the shoes of the retailers and required them to consider the impact of the decisions they have to make. The knowledge gained from this training will be invaluable when we’re assisting our customers.
clearBorder’s training is a great way to ensure that teams have mastered the complexities of importing and exporting in a rapidly changing field. The courses are short and digestible, with plenty of practical information to get businesses trading confidently.
Stephen Adams, Senior Director
"Clear Border has offered us in depth analysis and guidance on how we can improve our customs procedures, resulting in greater efficiency, not only in the day to day processes but in creating a robust Customs Policy. Friendly and helpful…every question answered."

Get Started with UK Plant and Plant Product Exports and Imports Today

Perishable products like cut flowers lose value by the hour when held up at border crossings. Our course arms you with the knowledge to significantly reduce the chance of these delays and costly mistakes. With our Border Ready Plant and Plant Products training, you can save thousands of pounds every year and build your outstanding reputation with customers.


Exporting & Importing Plants and Plant Products

Cut flowers, potted plants, seeds, saplings, soil, or even food waste, are subject to restrictions and border regulations in most countries. Our course helps you understand the requirements for your products, avoid common pitfalls, and win customers’ confidence for trade with the EU.

  • 1
    Exporting Plants and Plant Products to the EU
    This module covers UK plant exports to the EU. You’ll learn about Phytosanitary Certificates, attestations, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls, Border Control Posts (BCPs) and pre-notification.
  • 2
    Importing Plants and Plant Products from the EU
    You’ll cover UK controls for importing plant products from the EU. Learn about phytosanitary requirements, pre-notification requirements, when you need a Phytosanitary Certificate, when you need to use a BCP, and when you don’t.

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Making Borders Worry-Free

Making Borders Worry-Free

Navigate the new measure on plants and plant products

From cut flowers to second-hand tractors, there are strict regulations regarding the trading in plants. With our Border Ready Plants and Plant Products training course, you can equip your teams with accessible information.

Our online training covers how to deal with phytosanitary controls successfully. All the information on the course is presented in a clean, accessible format and in a language your whole network can understand.

Our Border Ready Plant & Plant Products course is accessible anywhere, and requires no download. Support your entire team and see the time saving, cost cutting benefits today.

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Helping You Overcome Border Challenges

Our mission is to make trade borders invisible. To do that we want to share knowledge on importing and exporting in the most accessible way possible.

Our resources hub is home to expert insights, thought-leadership and helpful tips.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Each course module is designed to be studied at your own pace. That said, on average, we’d expect each module to take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.
You will not need to download anything in order to take the interactive course. The course is developed in a browser-based architecture called Rise and can be completed on most modern laptops, desktops, browsers and mobile devices.
The modules were designed by experts with decades of experience in customs, food, plant and animal product regulation and government.