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clearBorder’s expertly designed online customs training is up-to-date, accessible and filled with vital information to help your business succeed.

On-demand and within its own interactive learning environment, our course enables you to study at your own speed, and at your own convenience.


Online Customs Training with clearBorder

Our 5-part course prepares your team for trade with the world, covering import, export, freight forwarding, rules of origin and customs. Discover the key benefits of taking the Border Ready Importing and Exporting course.

Enhance Knowledge

  • Prepare your teams to trade efficiently with the world
  • Enhance your reputation as a company
  • Improve your service and customer experience

Reduce risk

  • Expect fewer delays caused by incorrect paperwork or border complications
  • Avoid unexpected VAT or Duty
  • Fewer contractual errors and compliance issues

Save Money

  • Benefit from lower trade process costs
  • Make processes faster with more competent staff
  • Improve your knowledge and bargaining power
We found Clear Borders training to be well structured, relevant, up-to-date and informative. The real life imperfect examples they provided us with throughout the training, placed our team in the shoes of the retailers and required them to consider the impact of the decisions they have to make. The knowledge gained from this training will be invaluable when we’re assisting our customers.
clearBorder’s training is a great way to ensure that teams have mastered the complexities of importing and exporting in a rapidly changing field. The courses are short and digestible, with plenty of practical information to get businesses trading confidently.
Stephen Adams, Senior Director
These are really impressive online courses. I have not found anything as clear and well laid out as these courses.
Frank Dunsmuir, Industry Lead for Customs & Trade at Fujitsu
clearBorder advice is clear, informative, and available when we need it. It has proved invaluable in helping our team and partners navigate customs and shipping requirements in China, the EU and UK.
Jamieson Wellness Inc., Canada
“We’re proud to be working with Capita on their market development strategy for border management services and technologies"
"Clear Border has offered us in depth analysis and guidance on how we can improve our customs procedures, resulting in greater efficiency, not only in the day to day processes but in creating a robust Customs Policy. Friendly and helpful…every question answered."

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Delays in shipments can cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds every year - not to mention the cost in reputational damage.

Our Border Ready Importing and Exporting training course arms you with the knowledge you need to significantly reduce the risk of delays and costly mistakes.

Import Export Training Courses


The Border Ready Importing and Exporting course is split into 5 key areas to help you and your teams gain comprehensive knowledge of the rules surrounding global trading.

Import Export Training Courses
  • 1
    Exporting from the UK
    Module 1 is designed to help you understand the export process from start to finish. You’ll learn how to get paperwork ready, understand export declarations, exporter responsibilities and the goods shipping processes.
  • 2
    Importing into the UK
    Module 2 will support you in making sure your whole team is ready to import into the UK smoothly and without risk. Learn to prepare the correct paperwork and understand importer responsibilities. You’ll also understand transport requirements and import custom rules.
  • 3
    Choosing Freight Services
    Module 3 covers everything you need to know to take the headache out of freight forwarding. The course will explain your options when choosing a provider, managing risk, insurance, cost and understanding the impact of Incoterms.
  • 4
    In Module 4, you will calculate “landed value” for imports, classify goods for trade purposes and understand special customs procedures and duty payment options. By the end of the module, you’ll be confident in your figures and ready to reduce costs.
  • 5
    Rules of Origin
    In the final module of the course, we’ll help you understand ‘origin’, pay the correct tariffs, support your customers with proof of origin and feel confident in your supply chain needs. Following this, you’ll be able to prevent unnecessary costs and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Import and Export Training Courses

Import and Export Training Courses

Pull back the curtain on customs complexity

Customs and borders don’t have to be confusing or stressful. Our Border Ready Importing and Exporting training delivers a breath of fresh air to what can feel like a complicated process.

With unparalleled expertise across import and export rules, freight forwarding, rules of origin and customs, our flexible, modular training equips teams with the knowledge they need to cut costs and reduce delays.

Our course is accessible anywhere, and requires no download. Support your entire team with customs declaration training, save time and cut cost

Take the worry out of borders with clearBorder.

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Our mission is to make trade borders invisible. To do that we want to share import and export knowledge in the most accessible way possible.

Download our Incoterms® 2020 Explainer here or visit our resources hub – home to expert insights, thought-leadership and helpful tips.

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Frequently Asked


Each course module is designed to be studied at your own pace. That said, on average, we’d expect each module to take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.
You will not need to download anything in order to take the interactive course. The course is developed in a browser-based architecture called Rise and can be completed on most modern laptops, desktops, browsers and mobile devices.
The modules were designed by experts with decades of experience in customs, food, plant and animal product regulation and government.